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The Incredible SharpShooter Laminated Shafts -

The Shaft designed to take your game to a Professional level.


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Play like you mean it with SharpShooter Accuracy & Control


The SharpShooter Shafts are made with nothing but the finest material on the market to exacting standards. We offer 3 different types of SharpShooter Laminated Shafts for your playing needs.

#1: The SharpShooter Enhanced Performance Pro Taper laminated Shaft. This SharpShooter Shaft is designed with the majority of pool players in mind. The SharpShooter Enhanced Performance Pro Taper shafts are priced at an incredibly low $160+s/h for standard style joints and $175+s/h for Unilock and Truelock style joints.

The SharpShooter Enhanced Performance Pro Taper shaft has our computer designed parabolic pro taper. These shafts transfer an incredible feeling and precision control. This shaft produces more power and spin with less effort. This allows a player to reduce the amount of power used and distance outside on the cue ball needed to produce the same results you get with a standard shaft. This results in less squirt and much greater consistent, repeatable accuracy. The results are truly incredible. These shafts are available in a standard 12.75 mm with custom diameters and options available. Most diameter changes are at no additional charge.

For More details about the SharpShooter Enhanced Performance Pro Taper Shafts and how they are made please read the additional information below. For SharpShooter customer reviews click here.

#2: The SharpShooter Precision Performance Euro Taper Laminated Shaft. This SharpShooter Shaft is designed to deliver a very solid incredibly accurate hit even using a reduced diameter. The SharpShooter Precision Performance Euro taper shafts are priced at an incredibly low $160+s/h for standard joint styles and $175+s/h for Uni lock and True lock style joints.

On this shaft we use the same superior quality materials as the SharpShooter Enhanced Performance Pro Taper but from there the shaft is quite different in design. The SharpShooter Precision Performance Euro Taper shaft uses our Specially designed Proprietary straight taper. This is a fuller feeling taper that allows a very solid accurate and precise hit and feel. This reduces whip and squirt on shaft diameter of 12.5mm and below. This generates the same accuracy and performance of a much larger diameter shaft while using a much smaller precision diameter that many players prefer. When using our Euro taper shaft in a 13mm-12.5mm it will generate an incredibly solid accurate hit with more power using less effort. This allows the player to use less power and spin without having to force shots. You get the same results with greatly increased accuracy and control. This is a snooker players secret weapon and dream come true for players that prefer a smaller diameter shaft.

For More details about the SharpShooter Precision Performance Euro Taper Shafts and how they are made please read the additional information below. For SharpShooter customer reviews click here. For options and prices please go to ORDER FORM.


#3: The Incredible SharpShooter Magnum Jump / Break Shaft. This SharpShooter shaft was created because of our customers outpouring of requests for a high performance shaft specifically designed for jumping and breaking. The Sharpshooter magnum Jump Break shafts are now specially priced at $150+s/h for standard joint styles and $165+s/h for uni lock and true lock joint styles. Most advanced players and pro's know that the specific needs and design needed for a break cue and a jump cue are 2 different things. This forces most cue makers to make a shaft that will work well for jumping but will not work well for breaking. What we have done is developed a shaft that is super strong shaft for breaking yet light weight enough to allow a quick rebound reaction and also allows for jumping extremely well. You get an incredible amount of drive and instant impact reaction forcing the cue ball to drive harder and react stronger with less squirt and more power. We use a specially designed diameter and taper in combination with our incredible SharpShooter shaft and specialized tips and ferrules to achieve the maximum performance possible. This is truly an incredible shaft that will revolutionize the way you approach your breaking and jumping.

Everyone knows the more balls you pocket on the break the more likely you are to be able to pocket the 8 or 9 ball on the break or complete more run outs. The Break shot is one of the most important shots in a players game. Don't give your opponent a fighting chance. You will have them intimidated from the break. It is also important to realize what a game saver a good jump shot can be when needed. These 2 things alone when practiced and performed in a match can raise your level of play at least 2 levels. Because players require different needs to enhance their performance with breaking and jumping we offer several options on tip and ferrule design on these SharpShooter Magnum shafts for no additional charge.

Option A: Magnum High Impact ferrule and Tip combination. This design shaft is offered with our High powered combination tip/ferrule that is a solid 1 pc. tip and ferrule combination. This gives maximum impact and rebound for an incredibly powerful break and instant rebound for jumping.

Option B: Magnum High impact ferrule with a Super pro 5 layer Hard water Buffalo tip. I call the super pro Tip our SmackARack Tip. This shafts design offers an incredibly hard break and excellent jump with a twist. Using our SuperPro water buffalo tip you will with practice be able to put spin on the cue ball for drive or better stop and freeze the cue ball in the center of the table on breaking shots. This will also help in making shots like Jump Draw shots or Jump Curve and Jump Massey shots by allowing you to use more spin on the cue ball during your jump shots without miscueing. The Super Pro is an outstanding jump/break cue tip that will scuff and hold english and drive excellent. The break you get using one is flat out awesome. People turn their heads from across the room while balls drop like flies. One of the great things about these tip is that you can put english on them so if you want to do a draw jump or drive through a rack on the break they hold excellent and don't tend to miscue like other tips can

Option C: Magnum High Impact Ferrule with a Magnum High impact cue tip. This option allows a break and jump shot much the same as the option A. The "MAGNUM" High Impact Jump Break Cue Tips The tip is designed exclusively to take your Breaks and Jumps to a Professional level. These tips transfer more energy from your tip to the rack than any other type of tip on the market I know of. You will be turning heads from across the room when you lay into a rack with one of these. They are also a perfect jump tip. They make jumping a breeze. These super solid phenolic tips are an incredible tool in any serious players arsenal. This option also makes it much easier if the player ever wishes to change to a different tip such as our Super pro as they master their jump shot and power break and are ready to move to an advanced level in the break and jump portion of their game.

Everyone knows that accuracy, consistency and control are the 3 most important elements in a pool players game. Our Custom made SharpShooter Laminated Shafts will reduce deflection and give you a consistent and accurate hit. You will be amazed from the first stroke. These SharpShooter Shafts are an incredible tool in any serious players arsenal. Do I have your attention yet. Please read on. I includes some actual emails and product reviews from player web sites so you can see what other players from around the world are saying about our shafts.

Here is an example of a custom ring work and a description of the SharpShooter Laminated maple shafts we discussed and how they are made. The picture doesn't do it justice. The shaft was designed by myself with the input and using the advice from 4 of the best cue makers in the country after it was brought to my attention by several of my customers the problems they were having with another well known shaft maker shafts.
They are a higher quality, lower cost custom made alternative and the finished result has been outstanding. You can feel the difference from the first stroke. The hit is incredible giving the feel of control and consistency with every shot.

We have Serious players from around the world using our SharpShooter Shafts. Including a snooker and 9 ball coach in the United Kingdom. A 9 ball player on the Pro Tour in the United Kingdom. An Avid tournament player and cue collector in the Philippines that has now retired his P. , T3 and yellow Jacket shafts he owns and uses ours exclusively. A tournament player and league player from Oklahoma city that says its the best shaft he has ever used in his over 40+ yrs of play. The list goes on and on From New York to California and across the world.

The bottom line is you will be amazed at how much control and consistency you get. Judging massey, curves, throw, ball speed, power and doing full length dead stops becomes a consistent part of your game and that opens up a whole new aspect to your play. Your position and leave become more accurate. You will even get a whole new confidence level because you now can judge your shots with consistency. The finish is incredible and glides through you hand like silk. The look is superb and if you didn't know it you would never realize they are a laminated shaft. The wood used is very clear and excellent quality. No seconds in the quality are used. All shafts are top grade. Our shaft dowels have even undergone independent testing against other manufactures radial and flat laminated shafts. We use only the finest materials. The tips, rings, ferrule and shaft dowels are the finest most advanced material made.

You can feel the difference from the first stroke. The look is superb and if you didn't know it you would never realize they are a laminated shaft. The wood used is very clear and excellent quality. No seconds in the quality are used. All shafts are top grade. There is also a large variety of joint styles available.

The prices start at $160+s/h for a flat faced joint and piloted joint style cue in our Standard Enhanced Performance Pro Taper and Precision Performance Euro Taper and $175 for a uni lock, true lock or radial pin. Because each SharpShooter Shaft is custom made you also are able to get those nice custom features like a choice of diameter on the shaft, additional length. type of tip you would like and tip radius. Most of these features are no additional charge. Custom fitting at only $25 extra charge and we can even match custom ring work if you would like. We also offer custom services like matching ring work custom ring work, custom fitting, extra length over 29 3/4in, reduced diameters below 12.5mm and larger diameters on a per order basis but the cost on these is very reasonable and usually just includes the cost of labor and materials with little to no markup. We prefer several optimum tapers and designs we have refined and developed but are always happy to accommodate a customers special preferences. We are also always happy to give advice on what might be best for an individual player.

The SharpShooter Enhanced Performance Pro Taper shafts and our SharpShooter Precision Performance Euro taper Shafts are made from a high quality laminated maple dowel that is designed just for and manufactured just for our SharpShooter shafts. They are processed in a series of stages and the shafts are specially stabilized between each stage to ensure they stay perfectly straight and give the Incredible Sweet feeling hit we are striving for. The shafts are then Tapered using our very own Enhanced Performance Pro taper or Specially Designed Euro Taper to the length of your choice to give that feel of a custom made shaft like no other. What is the difference in our tapers you ask that makes them so special. Our Precision tapers are a computer designed Parabolic taper.
It has taken us years to refine and develop the right combination of materials and design to get the feel, hit and performance we strive for. No shortcuts here! It takes time to make a superior quality shaft so we keep some ready to finish.

When all the turning and tapering is done its time to put on the finishing touches. Tip, ferrule and ring work ect. The tips we put on are world class professional quality layered tips. We use the very finest tips made. We have several choices in tip and hardness available for no additional charge. We also offer advice for players that want to know what tip might best suit their playing style. For the ferrule we use a the highest quality, most advanced and best on the market. The ferrules we use are designed to transfer the best feel, absorb less chalk and look incredibly close to real ivory. . These ferrules are the newest and best on the market and are considered to be the very best on the market. It has the look of ivory with a medium crisp hit and excellent resistance to chalk staining. We will not use the inferior quality ferrules (plastic or pvc) other shaft makers use because of their poor strength and quality. The ferrules we use won't break down, crack or compress like the inferior plastic ferrules do. Last but not least are the rings and collars we use. We use only the best and strongest rings and collar material made. Why? Because quite simply they are the best and strongest made and won't compress or crack like the plastic rings and collars other shaft makers use. You can break all day long with our SharpShooter shaft and never hurt it while still getting the same incredible quality of play consistency from them. The end result is an Incredible hitting consistent feel of control and accuracy with a minimum deflection. So strong you can break all day long with one but with the sweetest feeling hit you can imagine. You feel the difference from the first hit and stroke. It's like having the cue be an extension of your arm. The finish is so smooth and the taper is perfect. I use one myself and never realized just how much a high a shaft could improve my game. I've been playing for 40yrs and have never seen anything like it. I'm shooting at least 1-2 levels higher with my SharpShooter .

I can't say enough about these SharpShooter Laminated shafts. I'm very proud of them. If you would like more info on the SharpShooter Shafts please don't hesitate to ask. See what our other customers are saying about them by visiting http://www.easypooltutor.com and looking up the product reviews. These are left by actual players that have purchased and are currently using our SharpShooter shaft. Its also a great player site.

LAMINATED SHAFTS Comparison There is much debate over which laminated shaft plays the best. Robots have been used to give us some insight. One robot test says radial or pie shaped laminated shafts are more powerful and accurate. Another robot test says flat laminated shafts are more powerful and accurate. We have chosen a very specific design and manufacturing process to make our shafts because of the feel and hit it gives. That in conjunction with the types of ferrules, collar, our custom taper etc. has proven to be the finest and best combination.

There is also a difference between flat laminated shafts. There are three popular types of flat laminated shafts. Here is my opinion on several types we have chosen Not to use. The 35 layered shafts are very heavy. They weigh 1.5 to 2 ounces more than a regular shaft. While this might be great for break shafts I would hate the unnatural feel that shaft gives being so heavy. Your arm muscles do not move heavier objects the same way it will lighter objects. So you will not get the same results as a precision robot arm will when swinging it. So my negative on the 35 layered wood comes down to this. They are too heavy and too stiff for most styles of play. They are also a dencer material that tends to forward balance a cue. They transfer a more rigid less sweet feeling hit and that in turn reduces the players ability to finesse their shot making.

The 16 layered shafts we tried actually had a less stiff hit than the naturally grown tight grained maple shafts had. So we saw no advantages to them other than they could be turned down faster.

Flex testing machines have found the radial laminated shafts to differ in flex all the way around. So you will get a slightly different hit any way you turn it. One aspect missing from all Robot tests I have seen. That is the draw shot. The whippier shafts give a better draw but at the loss of accuracy. The stiffer shafts with softer ferrules are giving less deflection and more power. The deflection is judged by how far off to one side the cue ball squirts off .. Finding the right balance is the secret. A thin whippy shaft like a 12mm will draw the ball pretty well, but then loose it's accuracy.
When looking for the right type of shaft don't sacrifice too much feel for power and accuracy unless you are building break cue.










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